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AMD Ryzen 9 4950X details leak – a potential gaming king?

Every day that passes is another day closer to Zen 3’s launch. Now, what could be the first details on AMD’s flagship consumer part have leaked, and if true, it could finally give team red’s chips the edge against rival Intel when it comes to gaming.
According to Igor’s Lab, the Ryzen 9 4950X will be a 16-core/32-thread CPU like its 3950X predecessor, but its boost frequency has been upped to 4.8 GHz.

The information comes from an OPN code that Igor obtained, which reads: “100-000000059-52_48/35_Y.” Breaking that down, the 35 at the end of the string represents a 3.5 GHz base clock, while the 4.8 the precedes it is a boost clock of 4.8 GHz.

While that’s only 100 MHz faster than the Ryzen 9 3950X, this is reportedly an engineering sample, so the final product could see a further boost to the clock speed, potentially putting it closer to Intel’s 5GHz chips. While AMD’s processors have long boasted more cores than its rival, Chipzilla’s higher frequencies have helped it claim the gaming crown. With the Vermeer processors, that could all change, especially as they use the new 7nm+ Zen 3 architecture.

We also don’t know if the upcoming chips are going to be called the 4000-series, seeing as AMD already uses that name for its Zen 2-based APUs, including the Ryzen 9 4900HS and Ryzen 5 4500U. It’s possible that AMD will go for the 5000 nomenclature. If so, the chip here will be called the Ryzen 5950X.

While AMD’s roadmaps show its Zen 3-based Milan data center chips slated for release this year, the company had been quiet when it came to the consumer Vermeer CPUs. Thankfully, it recently confirmed that they too would arrive in 2020, probably soon after Intel launches its 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs in September.

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